What You Can’t Be Fired For

When a worker notices an illegal behavior or practice being perpetrated by his or her company, he has the right to report that behavior or practice to the proper authorities without fearing retribution. Unfortunately, sometimes employers are offended by the actions of the employee and take retaliatory measures against him or her. Sometimes they even go so far as to wrongfully terminate the employee for reporting the company, but this is illegal. A company cannot fire an employee simply because the employee reported illegal or illicit behaviors and practices of a company.

Retaliatory wrongful termination is a problem across many businesses in the United States, but victims who are wrongfully terminated for reporting abuses of their company may be able to fight back. It’s never easy to lose a job, but when that job loss is the result of a wrongful termination, the employee who has suffered might be able to get compensation for his or her situation.

Reporting Illegal Actions

When a person reports illegal or illicit actions of his or her company, that person is often referred to as a whistleblower. Whistleblowers have legal rights that protect them from retaliatory measures taken by angry or upset employers. Some of the more common reports that occur involve an employee reporting:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Illegal practices by company
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Retaliation for a worker’s compensation claim

An employee should not be terminated because of these actions, and might be legally protected from such wrongful termination. But it might be hard to return to a company that wrongfully terminated you, which is why legal action can get you financial compensation, rather than only getting a job back.

If you or someone you know reported illegal behaviors of your company and suffered retaliation for your actions, you may qualify for compensation. Contact an experienced employment lawyer in Austin, TX to discuss your situation and how legal actions may be of benefit to your case.

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