Side Effects Of Yasmin

Yasmin is a popular form of birth control that was prescribed to many different women in the United States. While it was proven to prevent pregnancy in many patients, it has also recently been linked to serious physical side effects, many of which are detrimental to womens health. Sadly, many women who took Yasmin were not warned of potential dangers of taking this drug to prevent pregnancy, and are now suffering from these side effects.

Many of the side effects caused by Yasmin involve women in expensive medical treatment in order to pursue a full recovery. Unfortunately, lots of women who have been affected by Yasmin are not financially capable of paying for necessary treatment, leaving them unable to heal completely. While this is a terrible situation to find oneself in, there are often options for getting compensation if a prescription medication affected a person negatively.

Serious Effects

The effects of Yasmin that have been widely reported are varied, but many of them are extremely threatening, and some of them are even life-threatening. Many of the common side effects that have been directly linked to Yasmin users include:

* Hypertension, or high blood pressure
* Stroke
* Heart attack
* Liver tumors
* Blood clots
* Cerebral hemorrhages
* Pulmonary embolism
* Gallbladder complications

All of these side effects are dangerous, and some might threaten a persons life completely. The side effects of Yasmin have affected many women all over the United States, and a great number of these women feel rightfully upset that they were not warned of these potential effects. However, sometimes legal action is possible for those who have suffered from dangerous side effects of a drug like Yasmin.

If you or a friend took Yasmin to prevent pregnancy, and is now suffering from serious side effects, you might qualify for monetary compensation. Contact a legal representative today to discuss a potential Yasmin lawsuit.

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