Sexual Harassment And Employer Responsibility In The Workplace

Employers may not be able to prevent the occurrence of every sexual harassment incident at work, but they are responsible for setting up boundaries and prevention measures which are clear to everyone, as well as protocols to deal with sexual harassment incidents when they do occur. When a company fosters an environment that is not protective of its employees, they risk putting themselves in the path of legal action by employees who experience harassment from fellow employees, including from management as well as subordinates.

Preventing, Punishing, and Ending Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If a company does not implement procedures and policies which deal with sexual harassment in a reasonable and affective manner, employees who are sexually harassed at work have a right to pursue legal action against their employer. In order to establish a safe working environment, companies should take the following action:

  • A clear policy on sexual harassment should be established by the company and everyone should be made aware of the policy
  • The company should make it clear that sexual harassment will be taken very seriously and met with strict penalties
  • All employees should receive training in regards to the policies
  • All employees in management and supervisor positions should have training in how to deal with complaints

If you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, it might be a sign that you are being sexually harassed. You should take action as soon as possible and tell someone in charge.

With these policies in place, a company should be able to handle their own sexual harassment complaints effectively. If a company does not have such measures in place, it may be necessary for employees to seek outside means of addressing the harassment they have been subjected to in the workplace. If you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has failed to act appropriately in addressing the situation, you may need to seek legal representation. Contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer today to discuss your situation and find out more about your legal options.

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