Propane Explosions

People all over the country use propane for a variety of tasks, such as grilling in the backyard. It is a very commonplace substance that is used every single day, which may cause people to forget about its potential dangers. Propane is a gas that is incredibly flammable and likely to cause explosions when handled incorrectly. This danger is present in both homes and businesses, as it is also used in a range of industries, such as those that manufacture glass. Due to the amount and frequency of use, they often keep propane in large containers, which makes possible explosions that are much more destructive. Improperly used or maintained tanks could lead to gas leaks, which could result in an explosion from something as innocuous as a tiny spark.

Types of Propane Explosions

Propane explosions most frequently occur in tanks and pipelines, which are very common in many homes and underground. Explosions involving both tanks and pipelines are very dangerous, but for slightly different reasons. Tanks may cause an explosion for reasons such as the following:

Manufacturers defect
Incorrect transportation
Improper installation and maintenance
Dangerous disposal

Any form of incorrect design or use could cause a leak and subsequent explosion. Pipelines may be at risk for such an incident for some of the following causes:

Improper welding
Fractures from stress
Easily compromised or weak metal

Many tank explosions occur due to a company’s or an individuals negligent actions, while pipeline explosions must be shown to be the result of a defect.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, if you have been injured in a tank or pipeline explosion, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses in an explosion lawsuit. Injuries from accidental explosions that are a result of someone else’s negligent actions may qualify you for financial compensation.

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