Drunk Driving Accidents

While operating motor vehicles may seem simple, doing so safely takes a certain amount of concentration and skill that some drivers might take for granted. Alcohol impairs some of a drivers basic functions, such as their awareness and motor control. Thus, despite some peoples beliefs, drunk drivers are not able to sufficiently control their own vehicles or react to potential road hazards around them. Although it is common knowledge that driving while intoxicated is very dangerous, many people continue to engage in such negligent behavior. Drunk drivers put themselves and any other driver they encounter on the road at risk of severe injuries or worse. Sadly, these car accidents frequently cause devastating injuries, or worse, claim peoples lives.

Alcohols Effect on Driving

Drinking to the point of intoxication impairs the ability to reason, which shows one of the reasons that drunk driving is dangerous. Drunken individuals have often lost the capacity to recognize that they are not fit to drive and so put innocent people at risk. Following are several of the ways that alcohol prevents someone from driving safely:

Lack of motor control
Difficulty with logic and reasoning
Blurred vision
Lack of awareness
Poor reaction time

Automotive vehicles are capable of causing extensive damage to the objects or people that they impact and will most likely result in expensive medical treatments and property repairs. Being drunk is no excuse for putting another persons life in danger, and those who make the reckless choice to drink and drive may be held liable for any injuries that result.

Legal Options

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, you may want to consider taking legal action against the negligent driver. An Appleton personal injury lawyer can advise you on your legal options for pursuing the financial compensation that you may deserve.

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