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London Skyscraper Reflects Sunlight, Melts Cars

London pedestrians have reported that a newly-built skyscraper is melting cars and bicycles with light reflected from its windows. The 37-story building, nicknamed the “Walkie Talkie” for its undulating, phone-like design, is covered by flat mirrors that focus and reflect intense light and heat onto a short stretch of sidewalk.

Several residents have suffered property damage, including a Jaguar owner whose car had its mirrors and panels melted and its frame buckled, and several cyclists whose bike seats were ruined by the harsh rays.  Construction companies Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group have already compensated affected residents for any damage, and are collaborating with London city officials to cut down on the glare problem.

The blinding light emanates from the building for several hours a day, when the sun is in a particular position in the sky. Drivers and pedestrians have complained about poor visibility in the area, which has experienced temperatures of more than 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Physicists from London’s Institute of Physics helped identify the source of the problem, and offered several solutions for the construction firms. The cheapest option would be to coat the windows in a non-reflective covering that would cut down on the amount of light bouncing off the building. Another, more expensive choice would entail adjusting the windows to a position that does not focus light in one spot.

West, Texas Schools to Receive FEMA Support

Many schools in West, Texas were leveled after a fertilizer plant explosion destroyed much of the town this past April. The town has been struggling to rebuild it’s educational facilities, homes, and businesses since the massive explosion, but was refused the near $40 million in federal aid it requested.

However, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently decided to award West $2.75 million to provide temporary buildings that will serve as schools for the town’s 1,500 students.

Only one of the town’s schools survived April 17th’s detonation, an elementary school that teaches students up to 5th grade. The town’s other students were transported to nearby districts to close out the rest of last school year.

The federal aid will provide temporary buildings for these students to attend classes in their hometowns while their schools are rebuilt.

Sexual Harassment And Employer Responsibility In The Workplace

Employers may not be able to prevent the occurrence of every sexual harassment incident at work, but they are responsible for setting up boundaries and prevention measures which are clear to everyone, as well as protocols to deal with sexual harassment incidents when they do occur. When a company fosters an environment that is not protective of its employees, they risk putting themselves in the path of legal action by employees who experience harassment from fellow employees, including from management as well as subordinates.

Preventing, Punishing, and Ending Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If a company does not implement procedures and policies which deal with sexual harassment in a reasonable and affective manner, employees who are sexually harassed at work have a right to pursue legal action against their employer. In order to establish a safe working environment, companies should take the following action:

  • A clear policy on sexual harassment should be established by the company and everyone should be made aware of the policy
  • The company should make it clear that sexual harassment will be taken very seriously and met with strict penalties
  • All employees should receive training in regards to the policies
  • All employees in management and supervisor positions should have training in how to deal with complaints

If you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, it might be a sign that you are being sexually harassed. You should take action as soon as possible and tell someone in charge.

With these policies in place, a company should be able to handle their own sexual harassment complaints effectively. If a company does not have such measures in place, it may be necessary for employees to seek outside means of addressing the harassment they have been subjected to in the workplace. If you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has failed to act appropriately in addressing the situation, you may need to seek legal representation. Contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer today to discuss your situation and find out more about your legal options.

Side Effects Of Yasmin

Yasmin is a popular form of birth control that was prescribed to many different women in the United States. While it was proven to prevent pregnancy in many patients, it has also recently been linked to serious physical side effects, many of which are detrimental to womens health. Sadly, many women who took Yasmin were not warned of potential dangers of taking this drug to prevent pregnancy, and are now suffering from these side effects.

Many of the side effects caused by Yasmin involve women in expensive medical treatment in order to pursue a full recovery. Unfortunately, lots of women who have been affected by Yasmin are not financially capable of paying for necessary treatment, leaving them unable to heal completely. While this is a terrible situation to find oneself in, there are often options for getting compensation if a prescription medication affected a person negatively.

Serious Effects

The effects of Yasmin that have been widely reported are varied, but many of them are extremely threatening, and some of them are even life-threatening. Many of the common side effects that have been directly linked to Yasmin users include:

* Hypertension, or high blood pressure
* Stroke
* Heart attack
* Liver tumors
* Blood clots
* Cerebral hemorrhages
* Pulmonary embolism
* Gallbladder complications

All of these side effects are dangerous, and some might threaten a persons life completely. The side effects of Yasmin have affected many women all over the United States, and a great number of these women feel rightfully upset that they were not warned of these potential effects. However, sometimes legal action is possible for those who have suffered from dangerous side effects of a drug like Yasmin.

If you or a friend took Yasmin to prevent pregnancy, and is now suffering from serious side effects, you might qualify for monetary compensation. Contact a legal representative today to discuss a potential Yasmin lawsuit.

What You Can’t Be Fired For

When a worker notices an illegal behavior or practice being perpetrated by his or her company, he has the right to report that behavior or practice to the proper authorities without fearing retribution. Unfortunately, sometimes employers are offended by the actions of the employee and take retaliatory measures against him or her. Sometimes they even go so far as to wrongfully terminate the employee for reporting the company, but this is illegal. A company cannot fire an employee simply because the employee reported illegal or illicit behaviors and practices of a company.

Retaliatory wrongful termination is a problem across many businesses in the United States, but victims who are wrongfully terminated for reporting abuses of their company may be able to fight back. It’s never easy to lose a job, but when that job loss is the result of a wrongful termination, the employee who has suffered might be able to get compensation for his or her situation.

Reporting Illegal Actions

When a person reports illegal or illicit actions of his or her company, that person is often referred to as a whistleblower. Whistleblowers have legal rights that protect them from retaliatory measures taken by angry or upset employers. Some of the more common reports that occur involve an employee reporting:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Illegal practices by company
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Retaliation for a worker’s compensation claim

An employee should not be terminated because of these actions, and might be legally protected from such wrongful termination. But it might be hard to return to a company that wrongfully terminated you, which is why legal action can get you financial compensation, rather than only getting a job back.

If you or someone you know reported illegal behaviors of your company and suffered retaliation for your actions, you may qualify for compensation. Contact an experienced employment lawyer in Austin, TX to discuss your situation and how legal actions may be of benefit to your case.

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